How to make domain name point to home server

If you have a dedicated working server at home (LAMP and localhost). And you also have a domain name. Bellow is simple step I will show you how to make that domain name or public .com site point to your home server.

  1. Get your ip address by googling “what is my ip address”. Then take that ip address and add an A record for your domain that points to that ip.
  2. You will need to log into your router by typing your default gateway ip address into the address bar in any browser, your router’s ip usually will be or  and then you set to forward ports 80 and 443 to the internal ip of your home server. You can get the internal ip of your home server by typing either ifconfig or ipconfig into your console or command prompt. Internal ip usually start with 192.168.###.### or 10.0.###.###..

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